MOSDEX, How to stake Bitcoin (BTC)

Would you like to stake BTC to get Bitcoin staking rewards? Earning interest on Bitcoin is easy and let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to do it. Instead of leaving Bitcoin alone, let Bitcoin work for you.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin staking rewards


Earn Bitcoin (BTC) staking rewards

MOSDEX is a popular cryptocurrency arbitrage platform that allows you to earn interest on liquidity supply staking through arbitrage programs in the cryptocurrency market. Earning interest on staking is very easy as users don’t have to make difficult settings. MOSDEX currently offers real-time Profit Sharing Model (PSM) rewards for Bitcoin.

Desktop version:

  1. Go to and create a new account. When you sign up, use the referral code TNF686 to receive a $30 sign up bonus.

Desktop version

Click on the image to join MOSDEX

  • Link must be used to receive MOSDEX sign up bonus.
  • When your account is created, 30 USDT will be displayed in the Wallet.

Check 30 USDT coins in MOSDEX

Check 30 USDT coins in MOSDEX

  1. Open the “Swap” tab and click “USDT.” Enter all the 30 Tethers (USDT) you have been given and click on “Swap” at the bottom.

Tethers (USDT)

How to exchange 30USDT for BTC on the Swap tab

  1. Click the “Stake” tab, and then click “14D,BTC”. Add 0.00178740 BTC and it will show up in Summary. Click “Add BTC”.

Add BTC in Stake

Add BTC in Stake

  1. The provided 0.00178740 BTC is confirmed as a Staking Position.

Staking position

If it is confirmed like in the image, Stake is successful!

  1. Receive the Claim and you’re done! Interest starts accruing immediately and real-time rewards are paid out.

The final thoughts

Using MOSDEX’s arbitrage program is a great way to earn interest rewards on Tether and BITCOIN, as it’s as simple as sending and holding cryptocurrencies into your MOSDEX wallet.

If you plan to hold cryptocurrencies for long term, we recommend enabling Staking on MOSDEX.

MOSDEX activates the Free Staking function in the Staking Position until the user UNStakes. It is also a tool to prevent loss of funds if your account is inactive for a long period of time.

MOSDEX is the world’s best platform that allows ordinary users to participate in cryptocurrency arbitrage trading, an arbitrage trading program that was previously used only by institutions and whale users.

  • Note: From October 2022, MOSDEX introduced a profit-sharing model for regular new customers. It is now an opportunity for ordinary users to use programs that were previously only used by institutions and verified cryptocurrency whales.

Stake BTC on MOSDEX to get Bitcoin Staking Rewards.

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