NFT Cricket Game – Reinventing Cricket For the Metaverse

Milestones, Benchmarks, Success are all now like another word as the crypto market is keeping us on hype in all its avenues. All that were headlines and NEWs then are now just an addon to our knowledge list as the blooming creative economy invested its heart and soul to bring in various technological improvements to the human race with security and transparency in a democratic, decentralized ecosystem.

As various functionality and activities evolve around NFTs. We notice the tide moving at a fast pace toward NFT gaming coated on the Metaverse. Players are privileged with the fun of virtual gaming and real-time income drawing capabilities. This made gaming one soaring and highly captivating community in the ecosystem for its play to earn opportunities in real-time.


Gaming and NFTs

Etheria started the race, the foremost NFT game that initiated the evolution of the blockchain networks. For a decade, we have been literally witnessing the evolution of the crypto market, and 2021 being the ‘Year of NFT.’ Yet the craze is still lit and alive. There is highly progressive play to earn NFT gaming in the blockchain networks. From Axie infinity to battle of Guardians, Illuvium, Crypto Kitties, and all others.

There are other categories too. SoRare, NBA top shot are all the premium versions of Fantasy gaming e-sports with boundless earning abilities. In comparison, all of these entrust to virtual reality and battling games.

Apart from battling card games, there are Revv Racing, Zed run, Power Drift, and others swift racing games with marketplaces to trade their abilities, skins, and attributes that the player owns. And in the meantime, there are real-life gaming abilities that NFT play to earn games like Sandbox, Decentraland, Everybody’s Marbles that have taken gaming to the next level. Real-time tasks and rewards for players yield for their investment in terms of gameplay and rewards.

NFT Sports – Neo Darwinism in Mainstream Metaverse

With all of this already on the horizon, there is something up to connect with #PanWorld!

The sports mania is high and hype irrespective of the season. And NFTs have also gone through the field, yet full-fledged gaming though E-sports have yet now reached the fandom revolving around the Sports in Metaverse. Like we call NBA top shot or Sorare, all other sports-based NFTs gaming platforms either vest on fantasy gaming abilities where the players gain rewards based on the actual matches.

While Sports NFT gaming can be more from all of this, with a versatile collection of fans for various activity sports, they can be given an opportunity to play their favorite game in their favorite league.

For instance, Let us take Cricket. An international game with respect to all the major countries. There is no one to deny Cricket is a globally recognized game. For its fandom across the world, Metaverse can bring in live cricket games for the Meta players. Here they get to play. The bat and bowl and run to score, and with the rewards, they can gain additional abilities, suits, guards, and other to level up their game like in the other existing NFT based battling, racing play to earn games.

I don’t think this is far away, and the growth of technology has surpassed all the boundaries and is head to a better level of shortcomings to break and proceed. Like we never imagined gaming spaces giving real-time rewards, which is overeaten by the blockchain networks through their transparency and credibility maintained in the decentralized platform. And moving forward, Metaverse has built a staunch belief in the community to get ready for a digitized Global era. Meanwhile, with e-sport on the active mode, it is not just about battle and cards on-ground sweat, and wet games that can also come live in the Meta-market.

What’s in the Meta-Stroll For Sports now?

Expect the unexpected, and you might not believe that an instance can roll out instantly. And yes, but it may just not be the same thing as I discussed. There is news up. And it’s time for the cricket fanatics to pay attention on. With the tag #whistlepodu trending for the very own Indian Premier League, the season is to light up the Indian State with global attention.

Here is a business hub working close with Web 3.O evolution is coming to attract a global audience with the world’s First Cricket NFT game –, a GuardianLink brand, has announced its exclusive Cricket game collectible drop in April, whose gaming platform is to come to live much sooner. Focusing on the Cricket game, the platform is an attempt to reinvent e-sports in Metaverse. In order to gather the attention of the global audience, this NFT cricket game can be something out of the box with various virtual gaming abilities. Jump.Trade NFT is a gaming marketplace with more surprises that are expected to be really startling.

Future of International sports in the Metaverse

Nothing can be anticipated. And the trends keep evolving on and on with technological insights. The empowered decentralized business on the blockchain networks invaded to appreciate artists and creativity. And Sports being art itself, has taken various avatars and still has kept up its standards and crowd with sustainable scalability. And progress is now what we are living in.

With the meta world progressives, in the future, we can also expect various sports lined up in the field as technology is vested in taking us further and unfurling the forgotten. Therefore NFT Sports gaming niche can also outbring a lot of abilities to the flourishing Metaverse.