What’s the Best Crypto App for Absolute Beginners?

You’re new in the crypto colony and want to make sure nothing bad happens to you, right? Well, you have come to the right place. While looking for a reliable crypto app, one may get confused by the wide range of choices available out there. To make things easier for you, we are up with an app that is trusted by the majority of crypto investors and traders all over the world. No one can deny its popularity and credibility. Yes, we’re going about Coinbase, which is the favorite choice for most users in the crypto arena.

What’s the Best Crypto App for Absolute Beginners?

Coinbase is an incredibly popular app designed for both novices and pros. In addition to providing you with real time data, it also serves as the world’s one of the best crypto exchanges. Coinbase is a safe and legitimate crypto exchange and a broker. It is fully licensed to perform money transmission in most jurisdictions of the United States. So, it’s nearly impossible that they will run away with your funds. As of this writing, Coinbase supports over 25 digital currencies for trading, investment, and staking as well. However, it provides market info and description for 50 digital currencies.

It is easy to sign up and offers easy to understand user interface. Both of these crypto exchange platforms are considered super safe in the crypto industry. Like others, if you are about to get started with Coinbase, be sure to consider the following downsides:

  • Not all crypto coins are available to buy
  • Ease of use regarding documents could be improved
  • Tax Info could be improved
  • Inclusion of other crypto coin wallets would be a great plus

As of the time of writing, Coinbase needs improvements in the above mentioned areas. These are a few downsides that you should consider prior to finalizing any crypto exchange for your digital asset ventures.