Crypto Exchanges You Should Consider for Your Crypto Ventures

The crypto industry is expanding at a fast pace, every day we see a new blockchain-based project being covered by crypto news outlets. Without a reputed crypto exchange platform, you are more likely to have unpleasant experiences in the crypto industry. So, a crypto exchange plays a crucial role in determining your success in the cryptocurrency industry. We have gathered some of the best names that you should consider for your crypto ventures.

Crypto Exchanges You Should Consider for Your Crypto Ventures


Binance is an ideal option for trading altcoins and is considered the safest crypto exchange platform among the majority of crypto investors and traders. Headquartered in Malta, Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. When it comes to the trading activities on the platform, Binance completes around 1,400,000 transactions per second, with a whopping $2 billion average daily trading volume. it was launched by Changpeng Zhao and Yi in China in 2017. Subsequently, the exchange had to relocate to Japan thanks to strict laws in China. However, currently, it is headquartered in Malta.


Coinbase is a safe and legitimate crypto exchange and a broker. It is fully licensed to perform money transmission in most jurisdictions of the United States. So, it’s nearly impossible that they will run away with your funds. As of this writing, Coinbase supports over 25 digital currencies for trading, investment, and staking as well. However, it provides market info and description for 50 digital currencies. It is easy to sign up and offers easy to understand user interface. Both of these crypto exchange platforms are considered super safe in the crypto industry.

However, you may also go with other names in the market, depending on your requirements and preferences. Whatever platform you pick, make sure it is reputed and authentic.