Best Crypto Blogs and Influencers to Follow in 2021

Staying up to date with the latest stories happening around the crypto society may be of big help to you in devising effective crypto trading strategies. Any of the blogs mentioned in this blog post is worth following. All the crypto gurus and experts suggest following such blogs and websites to keep abreast of things in the crypto world. Let’s have a look at what we have gathered for you:

Best Crypto Blogs and Influencers to Follow in 2021


Cointelegraph is ranked among the most veritable sources for staying up to date with everything crypto and blockchain-related. It covers crypto news, analysis, and reviews about new blockchain projects.  With the domain authority 86, Cointelegraph posts around 30 posts a day, providing you with the maximum of the crypto world.


With 20 posts a day, Coindesk comes at second number in our list of best crypto blogs and influencers. It is the leading crypto media, events, and info services company for the digital assets and blockchain tech community. It aims to educate, inform and connect the crypto community all over the world. Anything featured on Coindesk is considered authentic and veritable.

Bitcoin News

As its name suggests, is the most reputed 24/7 blog covering everything Bitcoin related. If Bitcoin is the only thing you want to stay up to date about, this is the right blog you can follow.


Like other blogs mentioned above, NewsBTC is also considered veritable and reputed in the crypto market. It mainly covers Bitcoin news, forecasts, and technical analysis for BTC and other altcoins. They also cover news related to Bitcoin mining, bitcoin exchange, and price forecasts for many virtual currencies.

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