BANK RIPPLE – Breakthrough of NFT Blockchain

Bank Ripple is one of the most successful NFTs projects when it comes to a quality data platform, an easy-to-access “Play to Earn” mechanism.


What is Bank Ripple?

2021 – the explosive year of technology, especially during the pandemic – when work from home takes the throne. NFT or Non-fungible token is no stranger to those who have been learning about the crypto market. N is a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain. Wherein, each NFT can represent a unique file and, therefore, they are not interchangeable. With the strong development of NFT in 2021, a series of NFT projects were born to expand the development and popularity of Crypto.

Bank Ripple is one of the first decentralized exchanges to run on Ripple. The Bank Ripple ecosystem includes DEX, Wallet, and NFT Marketplace. Bank Ripple is a platform that opens up payments for XRP in a safe and simple way for users. This is Ripple’s open developer monetization platform.

The Bank Ripple ecosystem uses the utility token $BRP for everything, including auctioning and trading NFTs, buying slots on the virtual reality exhibition, paying royalties to authors when there is a transaction. success…


Bank Ripple is an ecosystem with many partners to strengthen its platform. Some notable partners (excluding dApp builds on BSC):
Security: CertiK, Quantstamp.
Oracle: ChainLink,…
Storage wallet: , Math Wallet, Trust Wallet,…
Bank Ripple is an improved product from the XRP and Binance Chain protocols and was officially launched in October 2021. The biggest backer of Bank Ripple is Ripple Net, which is also an experienced investment fund when it officially entered the crypto market in 2019.
Highlights of the Bank Ripple ecosystem
As one of the ecosystems with the top DeFi TVL
Backed by Ripple Net.
Easy to attract developers because it is EVM blockchain.
The ability to catch trends and keep up with the market very quickly.

Features of Bank Ripple Wallet
Using Blockchain 4.0 wallet technology
Public information, made public on CHPlay, AppleStore.
Flexible investment capital, divided into packages in many different areas.
Withdraw the principal at any time without any fees.
Issue Bank Ripple Wallet Global Spending Card with BRM Token.
Accumulate BRM Tokens through Gaming Zone, play money exchange games
Pay BRM by convenient QR-Code.

With a flexible distribution of Comics Tokens and a very small amount of tokens after IDO circulated, it will create a great scarcity for BRP Token. The staking program to receive rare NFTs right after IDO will be the basis to witness the spectacular growth of BRP Token in the near future.


Bank Ripple’s ecosystem promises to develop in a diverse and fast way, being one of the most potential projects in 2021. Follow more media channels for more details of potential NFTs projects. This feature:

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